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Stars Of Cosplay Girl: Spacemermaid3


We can see many awesome worldwide cosplayers. Since I’ve created this page, I’ve discovered many many amazing ones, men or women. I’ve decided to know them more with an article dedicated to a cosplayer. After Tayrex, let’s do it for someone I appreciate, Spacemermaid3.


Hubby by CellNinja, add value to your Hub


Even BlackBerry decides to release new Android devices, many developers still offer their new applications in the BlackBerry World. CellNinja, maybe the best of them event they are all awesome, has released his new application yesterday, Hubby.


Welcome Tara Nicole Azarian, our new Page-Model


There are many awesome cosplayers, and I’m proud to feature some of them everyday on Stars Of Cosplay. Some of those cosplayers accepted or asked to become Official Page-Models for the Insta-Page. Here is a new member you already saw each day on the page, tara Nicole Azarian.


Play with Pokemon GO on your BlackBerry 10


Pokemon Go is the new game available for iOS and Android users but only for few countries for now. Don’t worry, this game is coming soon on more and more countries. unfortunately, Pokemon GO is not available for other stores but don’t worry, if you’re a BlackBerry 10 user, here is the solution by awesome Cobalt…


Welcome Andie Jay as Official Page-Model


It was a long time I wanted to ask her to join Stars Of Cosplay Page-Models and I decided to make my proposition. I’m really proud she accepts to join the page. You can see some of her cosplays shoots everyday on the page. Let’s introduce Andie Jay.


Official Page-Model: Griftercustoms


Stars Of Cosplay Insta-Page will get soon 65K members. I admitt, I have more cosplaygirls as Page-Models but here is a new member I enjoy to welcome as Official Page-Model, Griftercustoms.


BeWorldWideMusic: Hitarda from Ukraine


Internet, including Youtube, is filled with many talents. It is thanks to the internet we can now discover new artists no matter their country. Today, I am pleased to present Hitarda, a group of Ukraine.


Facebook Messenger, BBM, Whatsapp, Skype, etc: Which one is the best messaging applications?


Since the arrival of the Internet and smartphones, it becomes increasingly easy to converse with the world. SMS instead being reserved for national use, number of applications have emerged in different shades. These Messaging applications using internet or WiFi connection, and allow us to send messages and more, this from our mobile, regardless of the country.


The end of BlackBerry 10? Not yet…


You have maybe read last article by rapid Mobile where they wrote BlackBerry informed Verizon and AT&T they discontinued BlackBerry 10 devices. Someone asked to me what I thought about it and some bloggers posted also about it. Here is the Official statement about it.


Game, Set and Match, your BlackBerry 10 native application for Wimbledon 2016

Featured Image

Summer is the date for holidays but also for many sports, Football with Euro2016, Cyclism with Tour de France but also Tennis with Wimbledon. Tundra Core Studios has updated his application dedicated to Wimbledon. Game, Set and Match has been updated for Wimbledon 2016 in the BlackBerry World.


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